Lessons for Feng Shui Design Using Kids Bedroom Furniture

Feng shui is the Chinese philosophy of placing furniture in a area to let the yin and yang of energy, or qi, to move freely all around the space. If kids bedroom furniture is placed in the right space , the qi can circulate freely bringing excellent fortune to the residents , but if improperly positioned, then the qi is stuck bringing in bad luck.  Ancient Chinese followers built buildings, not just living spaces, on this philosophy. Although Feng Shui has many complex rules, we are going to share some straightforward approaches to incorporate feng shui into your kid’s bedroom.

The first phase to incorporating Feng Shui in your child’s room is to have lots of fresh air. Fresh air can help to make a space lighter, of course fresher, and just more serene. When we spend time in a stale room, we feel sluggish and slow, but add fresh air and we perk right up. The same is true for your youngster. If you dwell in an area in which the seasons are harsh, add oxygenating plants and aromatherapy scents to the space to help keep moods light and easy, even during the worst time of year.

Next, clear any clutter out of your youngster’s space and help get the room organized. Clutter and disorganization are bad for the thought process and keep us feeling discombobulated. A clear, organized room helps us think clearly and creatively.  Get kids bedroom furniture that’s intended to keep things in order.  Use large hampers to keep soiled clothes off the floor. Put containers and shelves in the closet to organize toys, clothing, and footwear. Use workspace drawers to keep homework and art supplies in order and in their space, and lastly use below bed storage crates to hide away those things that are utilized only once in a while.

Last is to decorate like a Feng Shui master. This does not suggest blowing the family budget on overpriced Feng Shui associated prints, but instead looking at your personal Feng Shui decorator: your youngster. Showcase art work they produced around the house. Use greens and blues in places where tranquility must prevail, such as bedrooms, and reds, yellows, and oranges in other rooms such as the cooking area or family room. Moreover hanging up your kid’s artwork shows them that you appreciate their inventiveness and boosts their self esteem.

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